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I don't have a car, is transport available?

In groups transport is available at €10 per person. If transport is for a single person it is €15. Both of these include pick-up and drop-off at a location to suit you.

How long are sessions?

A half day session is between 3-4 hours with a full day session being 7-8 hours and can include an optional snack lunch.

When is the next zipline session?

The next Zipline session can be found HERE or by messaging us directly at for information on a session further in advance.

Can children go rock climbing?

Rock climbing is an excellent way for kids to channel their energy into solving the problem of climbing outdoor rock. We make sure the climbing is safe for children and regularly take children from aged 10 but sometimes aged 6+. With full body harness and helmet your child is safe. By choosing easy routes your child so they get the satisfaction of completing the challenge.

Do you have a question? 

Just send us a message with your email and we'll reply to you as soon as possible and possibly include it on this page!