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Traditional (Trad) Climbing in MaltaTraditional (Trad) Climbing in Malta

The people who visit Malta for trad climbing are few so the experience of trad climbing implies quiet, peaceful cliffs, remote locations and magnificent situations in pristine surroundings, rarely visited by anyone except the odd local fisherman.

Trad climbing does not imply unreasonably dangerous situations. Our experienced guides know the cliffs well and can choose those routes that have plenty of placements for protection within your grade range. They are also experienced at teaching the skills of gear placement and can help introduce you to this wonderful discipline steeped in the heritage of the early rock climbing pioneers.

+1300 spectacular routes

Rock climbing in Malta developed under the Traditional Climbing ethic for 40 years and trad climbs still outnumber sport climbs more than 2-1! This means that some of the most scenic and remote crags can still only be protected using natural gear such as nuts, hexes, cams and threads.