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Sport (Bolted) Climbing in MaltaSport (Bolted) Climbing in Malta

After Top/Bottom roping, Sport rock climbing is the safest and most sought after discipline of rock climbing and Malta has a wealth of fully equipped sport climbs from beginner level 4c levels right up to the most extreme grades, including 8a/b/c.

In beautiful, secluded valleys or on dramatic sea cliffs, Malta's vertical world takes you to a new dimension. Challenge yourself on exciting cliff faces while experiencing a side of Malta that you hardly imagined existed.

If you have only limited climbing experience or if you do not have a partner to climb with, our guiding services are the best answer to experience Maltese rock in safety and accompanied by a trustworthy and experienced partner. What better place to push your limits, develop your technique and enjoy a wonderful climb than on a sea cliff overlooking the idyllic blue waters, soaking up the warmth of our mild, sunny climate.

We provide all the gear and expertise to ensure your day out is a wonderful experience and hassle free. Transport may be available on request.


Climbing usually involves 2 people taking turns to provide safety to the other. You need a rope (normally 60 meters) and you each need a harness to secure yourselves to the rope with belay devices to help you secure the rope and lower each other from the top of the route. Proper climbing shoes are needed to help your feet grip the rock and as you get more experienced you will start to want additional equipment to help you extend your climbing further. When you book a session with us all climbing equipment is provided but you are also welcome to use your own climbing gear.

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TRAINING & Courses

If you plan to go climbing without a guide then training is vital in this sport because if you make a mistake, you or your climbing partner can get seriously injured. Falling from rock is going to cause injury. Training ensures you understand how to use your equipment and its limitations and you learn good technique to ensure you can protect your climbing buddy safely. The basic skills can be learned over 2-3 days with the help of an experienced guide or instructor allowing you to join other experienced climbers. Climbing Courses.