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Deep Water Soloing (DWS) in MaltaDeep Water Soloing (DWS) in Malta

The new adventure

Deep Water Soloing or DWS is the radical new discipline of solo rock climbing that has taken the world’s coasts by storm! Youths (and others who never grew up) are discarding their ropes, harnesses and protection and entrusting their safety to the soft, welcoming lap of Neptune – the god of the ocean.

From Thailand to the Isle of Skye, and inevitably on Malta too, rock climbers are scrabbling up vertical and overhanging rock faces above the waves, trusting that their inevitable falls will be cushioned by the waters below. Deep Water Solo Climbs can vary from easy to mega-hard and you benefit from not having to carry any gear other than rock shoes, liquid chalk and a towel.

DWS can be practised from the land or from the sea. We can either take you on a scramble to the best DWS cliffs via one of the many valleys that lead down to the sea, or we can arrange for a boat to take you to the less accessible sea walls. For relative beginners, Sea Level Traversing or SLT is a milder version of DWS and allows you to traverse and learn to move over the sharp and craggy rock by the water’s edge while staying within 2-3m of the sea, so that falls are never too scary.

Climbing around on the sea edge rocks does not require as much equipment as sport or traditional climbing. Clothed ideally with swimmers, climbing shoes & sun screen you can comfortably access and climb most routes and when you get stuck or are ready to fall, throw yourself off into the clear water beneath you for a wet landing.

What is Deep Water Soloing?

With your swimmers on and a pair of rock climbing shoes, head out to the sea cliffs and start climbing on the rock around the sea level. You need the sea beneath you for protection when you get so tired you cannot hang on any more or a rock hold breaks off sending you tumbling! This sport is ideal in summer months with a warm sea beneath you. How high can you climb! Ideally you try to top-out by reaching the top and descending but if you fail, make sure you have the deep sea beneath you!