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Climbing Gear Equipment Rental

Climbing Gear Equipment RentalClimbing Gear Equipment Rental

Why carry your heavy gear for rock climbing to Malta when you can hire all the kit you need from us?! Beat the luggage weight nightmare, whichever airline you fly with.

We have all the climbing equipment to rent including ropes, harnesses, shoes, helmets, carabiners, belay devices, quickdraws and even a boulder crash-pad ready and waiting.

If you prefer to buy climbing gear new when you arrive we can help you find the best climbing shop or supplier with the best choice or prices to suit you.

FULL rucksack of sport climbing gear Rental

  • Dynamic Rope (10mm x 60metre)
  • Harness + belay device + chalk bag
  • Quickdraws, slings and carabiners
  • Helmet
  • Rucksack / Carry bag

Also available to RENT

Equipment rental per week (7 days) Duration> Price Deposit
Climbing or SLT shoes (price per pair) 1 day €10 €50
2-3 days €15
4-7 days €25
Sport climbing set of gear (excluding shoes) 1 day €55 €200
2-3 days €75
4-7 days €95
Bouldering crash pad/mat rental 1 day €35 €100
2-3 days €45
4-7 days €55
Malta Sport Climbing Guidebook + recent topo's 1-7 days €15 €50

You are required to make a refundable deposit and leave your passport or ID card when you collect the equipment. The deposit and passport/ID card will be refunded to you when you return the items. Payment is normally in cash or by PayPal to "" or credit card (charges apply). Contact us for gear / book rental.