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Accommodation and meal options

Accommodation and meal optionsAccommodation and meal options

Accommodation options
Malta is a very popular tourist destination and has a huge range of accommodation options.We recommend you stay at our detached villa accommodation called Basecamp. This self-contained 12 bedroom accommodation has a swimming pool and large social areas and provides an excellent base for your stay. Other accommodation is available such as hotels, houses and camping. During the summer season from June to August accommodation prices are often triple the rest of the rest of the year. With 300 days of sunshine visiting Malta outside the summer season is still perfect and better suited for outdoor activities with less risk of heat exhaustion.

Basecamp accommodation: 12 bedrooms, which care normally configured as singles, doubles, triples and quad depending on the room sizes. Some rooms have optional air-conditioning, some rooms have private bathrooms, the rest have shared bathrooms. Free WiFi throughout the property. Fully equipped kitchen. Large social areas. Outside garden with BBQ & seating areas. Private swimming pool for guests. Basecamp is located in Sweiqi and short walk from Paceville and St. Julians with close transport links to the rest of Malta.

Meal options
If you stay at our Basecamp guesthouse the fully equipped kitchen is yours to use on a self-catering basis. We can supply food and drinks and even staff to prepare your breakfast if needed from basic cereals to continental breakfast to full hot cooked foods. At lunch your group will normally be out on activities and often away from places to eat. Snack lunches allow your group to eat at the same activity locations and ensure the flow of the day is not interupted. We suggest a snack of filled bread roll and drink or a sandwich with fruit and drink.For evening meal your group is usually back at the accommodation and soyou can choose to self-cater, ask us to prepare hot meals, or eat out in one of the many restaurants around the island.

Meals: Breakfast is usually a selection of cereals with milk, bread for toast, fruit and various drinks. Snack lunch is usually a filled bread roll with soft drink or a pre-packed lunch with filled roll, fruit and a soft drink. Your group should bring additional drinks and snack to each activity as required. Evening meal is usually up to your group to prepare although we are happy to help.