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MC Adventure activities have featured on a number of TV shows in Malta and around the world. Where we are allowed to feature the videos here we will. We also include a number of our our videos and MTA videos featuring many of our climbers and guides.

Discovering the hidden playground of Malta’s azure waters

Rock climbing enthusiast and blogger Bianca Malata, of It's All Bee, guest posts for easyJet Holidays about her rock climbing and kayaking adventures in Malta and Gozo.

Who knew that such a tiny little group of islands would harbour such pleasurable delights?

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A day off-diving – Mountain Biking Malta

If you’re in a place called “The San Francisco of Europe,” where cliffs rule, and where roads are often in various states of disrepair, then how best to see such a place?

Mountain biking, of course.  And yes, if you want to read about being flipped over your bike and living to tell about it (I’m fine, though humiliated), there’s a story about that in here as well.  Ready to read about two-wheeled adventures in Malta?

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Malta: Adventures for active people

I’m not averse to exercise, but the thought of a full-on activities holiday daunted me. I was petrified every one else was going to be a hardcore sports nut and it would be impossible for me to keep up.

Contrary to my fears, it really was enjoyable, proving you don’t need to be an Olympian to have a good time. So stop making excuses.

I tried a handful of adventures on offer to get the adrenaline flowing!

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