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Most people are surprised when they come to Malta and they discover the adventures we have to offer.

...and we have some reviews we've included DON'T worry you are in safe hands!

Thanks for all of the help in Malta! Can't wait for next trip... so much adventure to shoot!

Corey Rich (Professional Climbing/Extreme Sports Photographer)

It was a terrific trip and I want to thank you again for our great day on Gozo. It was fun to try rockclimbing again after 40 years (!). I envy Nick living so close to Malta and I'm sure he will be back to try some more.

Thanks for setting Ela and I up with James for the rock climbing. He was a great, patient guide. We had a great afternoon. It was Ela's first time and now she's planning on finding the nearest climbing wall to continue on.


Thank you for the great sessions I had with you, Malta is a paradise for climbers! My two best friends and I are planning to come again next summer, but just for climbing :)

Robin Stoudmann, Switzerland

To climb in Malta was the greatest experience I had in my journey. The rocks and the terrain really surprised me, it was a true paradise. The weather, the blue water and the experienced guide made the memory even more valuable.

Lisa Selin, Sweden

Thanks for great climbing session in Malta, Ghar Lapsi area! Amazing place, lots of nice routes, breathtaking seaview, professional assistance and invaluable tips :) It was my first time in natural rocks but definitely not the last :)

Katarzyna Perzak
Great job, great country and great climbing!
Stephanie & Markus

Just finished a 20 hour Rock Climbing course given by Kurt, excellent instruction giving all the important safety procedures and methods including all types of equipment used and the most used knots. Kurt covered the correct use and care of equipment the safe methods of tying in, setting anchors, cleaning a route, belaying, abseiling and climbing. Most enjoyable and informative much more than can be had from a book as in practice you get to see why methods described are so important for your safety and the safety of your climbing buddy.

Darrell Pace

We have been there for multi-pitch climbing last autumn. Great experience! We will be back next spring! Thanx Andrew!

The event was fantastic! We were truly impressed by your organisation, attention to detail and service given. Matthew in particular was simply amazing!! We were all very happy with the day and will highly recommend you to our friends

David Darmanin

We went to Malta for a Stag Holiday and we wanted to do three days full of activities. We contacted a range of companies but by far MC Adventures came across as the most professional, enthusiastic and established (by the wide range of activities they could offer). As we had a big group of people MC adventure built us up a special itinerary and gave us a very reasonable price.

We booked Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Sea Level Travesing, Hiking and Quadbiking with MC adventures and each of the activities were so much fun, very well organised with great tour leaders. MC Adventures picked us up every morning from our accommodation in Naxxar as well as dropping us off at the end of the day. The prices also included lunch which we found to be very good value for money. 

For each activity we had a specialist (Rock climber, kayaker, quad biker etc) who were all very friendly and warm. All of our activities were managed by Andrew at MC Adventures who was very helpful to us before we arrived in Malta and during our stay. He was very flexible too, being able to change our itinerary at the click of a finger if we wanted to do something else. He was completely outstanding and a great host.

If you are considering doing any type of activity in Malta you should definitley come to these guys. By far the best adventure company I have ever come across! Forza MC Adventure!!!!

Impressed by your innovative summer club, undoubtedly unparalleled by any in Malta. Well done.


Ziplining in such a beautiful area was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone! The team is great and I send a special big up to the excellent teacher Matt B for his patience and great sense of humor!!

Thank you for your true dedication & professionalism, my son is having a great time and I can tell you its a first.


Kyra is having the best time ever! Very well done and keep it up!


If you are looking for an adventurous day out, this is it! The zipline had the best view, the team was super friendly and professional at the same time. Everything was safe and we all felt comfortable, even though we had at least two people in the group who were afraid of heights. The experience was very personal: it doesn't matter how many people have signed up, you are still only surrounded by your own group of friends (and the team). After the zipline you can look around in the beautiful area as it has amazing sea and cliffs. It is perfect for picnics. You can also see other events taking place as the company uses the same location to do rock climbing and abseiling as well.

SUGGESTIONS to have the perfect day: 

1. Look up the way to get there as there are no busses straight to the ziplining place and the road is too long for walking. Parking is available.

2. Take water and food with you. The place is nowhere near a shop or an orange tree and if you stay to look around after ziplining it will take you hours before you go back. 

3. Take your cameras. You will want to remember this moment. :)

My friends and I went on our 1st zip lining adventure hosted by MC Adventure this weekend.There is only one word to describe this experience- AMAZING! the staff were very friendly and their fun loving attitude was quite infectious. Also their attention to safety was a big priority, which makes running off a cliff, that much easier. The location they choose, in the outskirts of Rabat, was so beautiful. As natives of the islands, this was a spot we had never been to before and made us appreciate the raw beauty of what Malta has to offer, even more. We booked our place in advance so we did not have to wait long, which is an added plus. They even have their own photographer who uploaded photos on Facebook, so you will have a memento of the experience. All in all it was great value for money. And we are very glad we choose MC Adventure for our first taste of this sport. We can't wait to do it again!!

Me and my son found the Malta Rock Climbing club on the internet ( and spent a morning with Andrew from MC Adventure climbing in the most fascinating environment. The climbing was safe, fun and very well adapted to our skills.

I had just started climbing three months prior to coming to Malta. So I didn't expect It would be such a pleasure. My school found the contact information for me on the net and we agreed to have four half-day sessions of climbing. After the second time I felt like there was nothing better in Malta. Andrew from MC Adventure helped me with advice what to do and how to do. We climbed in very picturesque places and it was the first time I enjoyed climbing so much - the sun, the sea, the cliffs and the guide - the ideal combination. Great experience one should try!!!

With the supervision and guide of the most experienced climber of the island, Andrew Warrington, wonderful places for rock climbing in Malta ...sea level traversing.....our first experience of a multipitch route on a beautiful cliff....Do not leave Malta before trying it!!!

Just came back after a vacation in Malta. We went climbing with Mike, who was an excellent guide. We did a morning climb trip, so Mike picked us up around 8 in the morning and we returned around 12,30 noon, a perfect way to spend a morning :) We went to a beautiful spot with great views and many different routes of climbing, If you go to Malta this is a must-do! We definitely recommend MC Adventure and Mike was a great guide!

During my 12 days in Malta I climbed 8 afternoons (six with Andrew and two with Kurt). We did my first multipitch route at a place near the Blue Grotto, I could try to climb with belay devices on a non-bolted route and one day Andrew and I went to Gozo to climb a new route to which I could give a name afterwards! Every afternoon we went to another beautiful place and Andrew always understood to challenge me - to sum it up: it was an amazing trip!

During a work conference in Malta we wanted to balance the conference meetings with some outdoor adventure. We consulted Andrew at MC Adventure asking if they could arrange a climbing tour for a small group of novice climbers during our one free afternoon. Despite our limited time frame they managed to set up a great climbing session at a canyon near Zurrieq on Malta. Roland was our guide for the day and did a great job. The climbing as well as the service before and after was exceptionally good. I can highly recommend MC Adventure.

This November, myself and my boyfriend went rock climbing with Andrew Warrington, and really enjoyed it. Even though my boyfriend is an experienced climber and I was a beginner, our session was extremely flexible and so we both got something out of our day out. I've been dying to go rock climbing again ever since! It was extremely beautiful as well climbing looking out at the Med.

Not only that, but Andrew also gave us a lift to see the historic city of Mdina (we were staying in Sliema) and gave us good advice on attractions to go to, etc! A real people person!

I went to Malta for a week and found myself at a loose end. I contacted MC Adventure and they were extremely helpful they fitted me in with a very constricted timescale. I was picked up every day and taken to the best place to test my skills. Mike the instructor was amazing he gave me everything I would need to keep me safe and get me climbing as quickly as possible. I now feel totally comfortable with climbing anywhere and as I had no training anywhere before, I feel that the training couldn't get any better. I am really looking forward to my next session with MC Adventure and would recommend anyone to train with them.

Following a very last minute request, Andrew was kind enough to keep in contact by text during our stay so that we could be flexible depending on time and weather, which was really helpful as we only booked the trip a few days ahead.

We met both Andrew and Kurt at the Ghar Lapsi cafe, and headed off for the afternoon with Kurt. As a pair of total beginners, Kurt was very patient and considerate of our endless questions, panics and slow pace!

We managed to progress what felt like a surprising amount over the course of the afternoon, climbing at a beautiful spot that felt like it might be reserved for experts.

A fantastic first experience - I hope to go back.

Novice climbers. Andrew went to enormous effort to accommodate us despite very short notice (only 3 days left in Malta) and narrow weather windows. Gauged level of difficulty perfectly - hard enough to feel like an adventure but no so hard we felt out of our depth.

Beautiful setting near Blue Grotto, overlooking the sea and Filfla. Ideal combination of letting you getting on with it in the way that only the relaxed Maltese can, but also feeling in very safe and experienced hands at all times. Patient and attentive instruction. Will definitely come back when next in Malta. Well done.

Took me a while to gain enough confidence to let go and abseil down but once was off it was a super amazing experience !!! The guys are excellent .. Feels EXTREMELY safe and they guide you through every step along the way ... Being quite a coward at these outdoor thrill activities I wouldn't have dared to even wear my harness but their instruction made it a super brilliant thrilling experience !!

Our first climb. We had a blast. Andrew and his colleague are great instructors. Managed to overcome my fear of heights ;) a great experience and I Definitely recommend to everyone... You must try this when visiting the magnificent Maltese islands. Don't forget the marvellous views at Ghar Lapsi. Thanks from all of us.

We were taken out for a full day of sea kayaking by Mike in St Paul's Bay. My partner and I were in a 2 person kayak so we spent the first 10 minutes paddling around in a harbour getting used to the kayak and working together. Once we had the basics down Mike took us out into the bay and followed the coast, allowing us to get used to the movement of the sea. When we were quite happy with that he started to take us out across open water to the opposite side of the bay. We worked our way down the coast going in and out of some small bays. Mike took photos of us as we went along and set up a few going in/out of bays. We stopped on some rocks on St Paul's island for some lunch before turning back. The wind was stronger than forecast and the sea rougher than expected so we could not do a full circuit of St Paul's islands as intended but we still had a good day out.

We had both kayaked previously but had little/no experience of kayaking at sea. Mike made suggestions about the route but let us decide where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do (we stopped for a swim in one bay) and let us set the pace. The inflatable kayak was different from the ones we had previously used but we found it to be very good and easy to use.

Our one and only criticism was that we had been under the impression that a packed lunch was provided and therefore did not take anything along - just be sure to clarify that before you go! There was plenty of water, though. Similarly, you may have time to actually have a coffee break at a cafe so take money along - a dry bag is provided.

We ended up finishing the day early - Mike was happy to keep going but we were exhausted, pleased with our day out and very salty from the Mediterranean!

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