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The Valletta 300 Zipline in Malta!

The Valletta 300 Zipline in Malta!The Valletta 300 Zipline in Malta!

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Get strapped into your safety harness at the top of the Valletta Bastion, run and leap off and fly into the air for the best grand harbour view ever!

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This is the FIRST zipline from Valletta bastions so you are making adventure history! Enjoy Malta's heritage of the Siege Bell and outstanding views of the grand harbour. Get strapped into your safety harness and leap from the bastions along our zipline down towards the sea, over it to admire the location and to a safe stop by the waters edge. You will want to ride this one more than once!

Zip Lining is a safe activity under our care that generates a lot of excitement. A perfect activity for the whole family!

Share this page on Facebook, get your friends to join in, arrange to meet them at the activity and ride one after the other!

IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS - Weight range 25kg to 100kg. Do not ride if you are pregnant, suffering from a heart condition or have been diagnosed with a low or high blood pressure. 


At MC Adventure we set up private Zip Lines for groups of people and often combined with other adventure activities such as Abseiling and Rock Climbing.

If you are looking for a private Zip Line activity please contact us direct to tell us what you have in mind. We can tailor all activities to suit you!


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FULLY BOOKED! Please contact us or Like our Facebook page to be notified about the next available date!


Wonderful experience!!

Ziplining in such a beautiful area was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone! The team is great and I send a special big up to the excellent teacher Matt B for his patience and great sense of humor!!


Zip lining with MC Adventure

My friends and I went on our 1st zip lining adventure hosted by MC Adventure this weekend.There is only one word to describe this experience- AMAZING! the staff were very friendly and their fun loving attitude was quite infectious. Also their attention to safety was a big priority, which makes running off a cliff, that much easier. The location they choose, in the outskirts of Rabat, was so beautiful. As natives of the islands, this was a spot we had never been to before and made us appreciate the raw beauty of what Malta has to offer, even more. We booked our place in advance so we did not have to wait long, which is an added plus. They even have their own photographer who uploaded photos on Facebook, so you will have a memento of the experience. All in all it was great value for money. And we are very glad we choose MC Adventure for our first taste of this sport. We can't wait to do it again!!


FULLY BOOKED! Please contact us or Like our Facebook page to be notified about the next available date!